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Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler repair is usually a direct reference to servicing your overall system; sprinkler repair is the part of your system that waters the grass area. The valve opens and closes allowing the water to pass through PVC pipe and dispenses through the sprinkler heads. Sprinkler repair can be needed for many reasons. One of the most common problems is not having proper water coverage resulting in dry spots in your grass areas. This is a direct effect from not having proper heads, nozzles and layout.

At AZ Sprinkler and Landscape, our technicians are trained extensively in head throw, spray and coverage rate. We can install the proper head and riser to accommodate for any kind of layout. You cannot mix spray heads and rotor heads on the same valve. Our technicians choose and install only top-grade sprinkler heads that will deliver the perfect coverage for any given area.

With choosing AZ Sprinkler as your trusted sprinkler repair company, you can expect many great benefits such as water conservation. We can connect your entire grass area to MP rotators. This top-grade sprinkler head gives you great coverage while reducing your water bill significantly. The grass is always greener with AZ Sprinkler and Landscape.

Saving Water

Water is extremely precious to the state of Arizona, as we are one of the driest states within the United States. Our technicians are extensively trained and educated in all of Arizona water conserving associations. AZ Sprinkler and Landscape takes pride in helping our customers not only save water but also, money. Cities such as Las Vegas and Tucson have intense restrictions on water usage; if we don’t all work together we will soon have water restrictions too.

Run off from sprinkler and drip systems are a leading contributor to wasted water. By having our technicians tune-up your heads and emitters, everybody benefits. A properly programmed timer and a tune up from AZ sprinkler will guarantee a significant reduction to your water bill. In addition switching from a manual sprinkler system to an automatic sprinkler system will benefit you in a variety of ways including: reducing cost, time and maintenance. Ask anyone what their favorite part of an automatic system and they will tell you it’s the pure convenience.

Ask us our favorite part of an automatic system; it’s saving our water and you money!

Saving Time

Having an automatic sprinkler system will save you time by freeing up those hours you used to spend dragging your hose around the yard, trying to make sure you don’t miss a spot. Bonus: If you leave town, your yard still gets watered!

Better Results

Automatic sprinkling systems are designed to deliver the exact amount of water needed for the specific area they are in. Automatic sprinkler systems work hard so we don’t have to. Naturally, overtime, they wear down and require replacement or repairs. Here at AZ Sprinkler, we service all sprinkler system brands, offering many different repair services including both broken and damaged sprinkler heads.

Our Sprinkler Repair Pricing:

  • Service call - $60 includes first 1/2 hour labor
  • Valves - start at $60
  • Controllers - start at $225
  • Pop-up heads - start at $6
  • Drips parts - start at $4
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